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ducklips's Journal

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the queen bitch
18 April

4 track recording, 4th dimension, ab fab, amoeba, amoeba music, aquateen hunger force, argyle socks, artie lang, baby animals, baby doggies, bitchin camaro's, bunnies, c.s.i., california, chapstick, chateau homeless, chateau marmont, chops, christina applegate, clo, corpus christi, csi, david bowie, dead milkmen, depeche mode, devo, doggies, dogs, drew barrymore, duck jammies, ducks, echo and the bunnymen, elliott smith, exene cervenka, family guy, flipping out, guitar, happy bunny, hollywood, howard stern, iggy pop, interior design, jeff buckley, john frusciante, john waters, johnny depp, lambs, laurel canyon, leftover lunch, leonard cohen, leonard the frog, lipgloss, lo-fi, lo-fi recording, long sleeves, loreal, los angeles, los feliz, lou reed, marc bolan, marcel duchamp, mars volta, meatwad, mellotrons, mini coopers, molly, morrissey, my own private idaho, nars, neutral milk hotel, new order, new wave, new york dolls, niandra la des, nic fair, nick drake, obsessing, omar rodriguez-lopez, painting, paisley, paisley shirts, pat smear, patti smith, picasso, pinstripes, pj harvey, puppies, radiohead, recording, red hot chili peppers, richard hell, ride, river phoenix, robin quivers, rrose selavy, running, seattle, sephora, skully caps, smile from the streets, sonic youth, spooning laura, spooning nico, steve howe, stewie griffin, sunset blvd, sunset boulevard, sunset strip, swan kiedis, sweaters, syd barrett, synthpop, t rex, t-rex, t.rex, tascam reel-to-reels, telecasters, television, texas, the cramps, the cure, the howard stern show, the mars volta, the smiths, the state, the virgin suicides, tim burton, to record only water, tori amos, trashy new wave mohawks, urban decay, velvet underground, vincent gallo, vintage fender jaguars, weird shoes, western electric recording equipment, whigs, wing tips, writing, x, yes

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